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24-Hour Swimming Marathon

Marathon 2009
sigla maraton


24-Hour Swimming Marathon

       First came the word.
       And to us that word was "swimming".
       The idea of organizing such a swimming marathon in Brasov aroused after a tournament in France, a water polo tournament, not a swimming one, as you might think. In the week following that polo tournament, the "Enfants de Neptune" Sports Club organized a 24-hour swimming marathon. They hold it every June. As we found this contest interesting, we decided to organize a similar one in Brasov. And, even though our swimming marathon is neither the first nor the only of this kind, it is ours and we love it. Indirect participants seem to be equally delighted. Think of it: how could anyone resist joining the excitement provided by water, music, beautiful girls, joy, sun, mountains and, of course, the contest itself? That would be the fun part of it. 'Unfortunately', each of the participants has to swim, too. Not for 24 hours in a row as you may still believe, but for four 30-minute series every 6 hours, as every team consists of twelve members.

       "24-HOUR SWIMMING MARATHON" will take place in Brasov.
       The competition has been recorded in the calendar of the Romanian Federation "Sports For All" and is a mass sports competition. Everybody can take part in this action, regardless of age or sex.
       The first edition of the marathon took place in 1993, when six teams participated. Their number increased to sixteen in the last edition. The record of the competition was set in the XVII edition, in 2010, by the team of "Elite Swimming", who managed to swim for 107,900 km by the end of the contest. The individual record was set during the third edition when Constantin Tudose swam 2800 m in 30 minutes.
       The ones to 'blame' for organizing this marathon are: Gabi Stroie, Cornel Lupu and Horia Ionut.

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