sigla maraton

24-Hour Swimming Marathon

Marathon 2009
sigla maraton

       Horia IONUT, swimming instructor

       In 1979 the Olympic Swimming Pool in Brasov was being opened, known to Brasov inhabitants (and not only) as "the swimming pool near the station". As with any beginning, this one was nice too. Large-hearted trainers started working hard and after a few years it started to pay off. Those were trainers who started from the scrap and made a name for Brasov. I can't help recalling names of trainers such as: Eva Girleanu, Rodica Fratila, Cornel Aghiana and last but not least Mrs Anca Mitrofan and Mr Mihai Mitrofan.
       The glory age over, the Swimming Center of Brasov, turned into the 'Steagul Rosu' Swimming Center of Brasov in 1987 which confronted with problems related to the training base, faded away and disappeared eventually.

Louvre Notre-Dame

La Tour Eiffel        A few years elapsed and the water polo tournament took place in Chateauroux, France, in 1991. With Adrian Stroie's assistance, a Romanian team from Brasov formed on the spot took part in this tournament, being enlisted as the 'Nameless Team'. This team included: Calin Lucus, Adrian, Viorel and Gabi Stroie, Paul Gabor and Ionel Titeiu. This year virtually meant not only the launching of water polo in Brasov but also the link to the '24-hour swimming marathon'. A week after the water polo tournament in Chateauroux, the "Bol D'eau" was organized, that being their "Marathon".
       On returning to their country, the 'Nameless team' started training, new members being co-opted from among former swimmers. In the mean time, approaches started being made for the founding of a new water polo team in Brasov, a club supporting this team and its participation to the National Championship. All this was accomplished, and in 1992, the A.S. RAPID-BRASOV team was taking part in the National Championship, in the 2nd League.
       The 2nd League consisted of 4 teams:
       - I.L. Timisoara - recently retrograde from the 1st league.
       - C.S.S. Viitorul Cluj
       - C.S.S. 1 Bucuresti
       - A.S. RAPID BRASOV - a team of former swimmers
       Trainer: Dan Staniloae
       Goalkeepers: Gabi Stroie and Horia Ionut
       Players: Calin Lucus, Sorin Bucataru, Calin Cosma, Paul Gabor, Dan Colt, Laszlo Kari, Paulian Cretu, Flavius Patrinoiu, Mihai Gal, Tibi Varga, Vasile Chiosa, Endre Csato and last but not least Sorin Sav.
       Our good health was watched by Col. Dr. Cristian Badea.
       As the National Championship ended, the Rapid Brasov team got a well-deserved place. After all, even a mention was good enough to us.
       And last year ......

       Our experience with that championship helped us in the tournament held in France the next year. As we lacked the possibility of listing again in the National Championship, we considered the Chateauroux tournament was quite something. Four French teams, a German and a Romanian one competed in the 1993 tournament. After 5 matches and 2 days of games we were getting ready for a match with the home team in which we were competing for the 5th and 6th places. After a hard match, the A.S. Rapid team beat the Chateauroux team 12 to 10 getting, at the end of the tournament, to the respectable 5th place.

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